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Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hi folks, apologies on the quality of this photo but from a magazine and very small, but it's taken from Progressive Greetings Magazine this month and the lovely people are Deirdre Robinson and her husband David both directors of Image Gallery New Zealand. We met during the Spring Fair, our first show for the cards and they loved the range. Its taken a while to get going but they gave us a fantastic order in April which has now been printed and despatched, our first venture overseas and we are over the moon. I was even more elated when I came across this picture in the magazine, at first glance I thought what lovely colourful cards in the background and then realised they were ours, just to the left of Deirdre's shoulder. So very pleased to see them and hope they are successful. From everything I read in the magazine this month and with the demise of Clinton Cards it seems that retailers and cards are having a tough time all over the globe. Come on folks they do not cost that much and just imagine the smile on someones face when they unexpectedly get one in the post. Cards are a great way to brighten up a day even if its just to say hi! Thank you Deirdre and David for giving us the opportunity.

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